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A brief introduction of customer service

Customer service center will be entirely responsible for all products of the company's pre-sale, sale, after-sales service.Customer service center set up perfect service system, and by a strong, well-trained and skilled service team, the greatest degree of assurance to provide strong guarantee to our customers.
Customer service center is equipped with the functions of the three division product dept.engineering dept, the sales dept.Products division is mainly responsible for product form a complete set of technical consulting, engineering services for global customers from product installation and maintenance, the sales dept is responsible for handle customer complaints, customer relationship maintenance, etc.Engineering services by dozens of skilled and experienced technical support engineers, comprehensive technical support work, responsible for global focus to accept the customer's service request, fault declaration and customer complaints.

The service content:

Pre-sale: product technical solution formulation, field survey, the scheme
Sale: steel structure production, installation guide, product training
After-sales, product warranty service failure, customer care services, pay remote telephone support, customer complaint handling
Convention on after-sales service
1: courteous reception, every customer patience to listen to your users, eliminate the trouble.
2: service personnel should be unified with door-to-door service work clothes, wear a job card, kit, civilization construction.
3: it is strictly prohibited to the customer request or accept any gifts.
4: door-to-door service items is allowed to damage should be paid attention to customers, service after the check, clean up and restore the scene.
5: service after completion of maintenance work to self-check, strictly controlled, to ensure the quality of maintenance, during the quality guarantee period, the customer according to the normal operation and maintenance of normal cases appeared quality problem free repair.
6: on-site maintenance enough time, can undertake secondary training to the customer, to meet customer demand, improve customer satisfaction.
7: after the service , say a formal farewell with the customer, and make a note of customer contact, maintain a long-term contact with the customers.